Malladi krishnarao – a friend in need for N Rangasamy

So long ago Malladi krishnarao, the former health minister who resigned from Congress last year announced than Yenam constituency will be chief minister constituency and NR congress chief Rangasamy is going to contest from there and win. He said the constituency will improve drastically because of being chief minister constituency.

If got confirmed yesterday after N Rangasamy filed nomination for Yenam and Thattanchavady. as things look now both Yenam and Thattanchavady looks like a win for N Rangasamy.  Thattanchavady being his long time home ground and Yenam coming with heavy backing and support from Malladi krishnarao.

This looks like a good move from Malladi krishnarao to cement the NR Congress win counts and also helping his constituency people in the same time. This also proves that his trust and bonding with N Rangasamy is clear for the upcoming years.